Publication History


Nonfiction publications:

"How to Explode," @ Prime Number Magazine, July, 2014 

"Want to be a Good Teacher? Make the Mistake of Caring,” @ Pyragraph, March 14th 2014

"Rejection Letters Aren’t Stamps of Inadequacy," @ Pyragraph, February 21st 2014

"Get Off Your Ass and Write," @ Pyragraph, February 11th 2014

"Be a Triple Threat, Write in Three Genres", @ Pyragraph, January 31, 2014

"On Meaning," (reprinted) @ Pyragraph, Winter 2014

On Meaning,” The Spectator, Spring 2013

Oh Niagara!,” The Journal, Winter 2012 (Winner of the 2012 Nonfiction Contest. Chosen by Judge Sonya Huber)

Meredith is Missing,” New Haven Review, Summer  2012 Issue 10.

Throw it Up,” New Ohio Review, Winter 2011 Issue 11.

 Poetry publications:

Woman Beside I-25 North: Between Albuquerque and Santa Fe”, “How it Ends”, Mas Tequila ReviewIssue 9, August 2014

"Woman on Dirt Road: Taos, New Mexico", Prick of The Spindle Issue 8.1 March 2014

Utica High,” Two Cities ReviewSpring 2014 Issue 1.

Woman in Alley: Flaggstaff, Arizona,” “Crying Woman in Apartment Next Door: Albuquerque, New Mexico"  Sundog Lit Winter 2014

"Woman on Dirt Road: Taos, New Mexico," Prick of The Spindle Winter 2014 Issue 7.4

"The Wetland Ecologist’s Daughter," Rougarou Winter 2014.

"New York," "Conversation Implied," Utica Poets Society Compendium VOL- I, Summer 2013. (in print only)

"Rabbit Season," "Fire Season," "Learn The Dark," "Poems for my Lover’s Unborn Child Out West," Booth Journal Spring 2013: 5/23/13

Valley Fever,” Blood Orange Review, Winter 2011 Volume 6.4

“Reversing Candle,” “Arkansas”,The Smoking Poet, Spring 2012 

The Curse,” “The Cursed,” PANK Magazine, May 2012

 Fiction publications:

Be Better,” Coe Review, Spring 2013

A Place For Strangers,” Southern Humanities Review, Summer 2013

In His Grandfather’s House,” High Desert Journal, Summer 2012

Moon Garden,” MAYDAY Magazine, Spring 2012

Nouvelle Vague,” Front Porch, Spring 2012

“A Summer in Maine,” Bard Papers, Spring 2005

“Legacy,” Bard Papers, Spring 2004

Reviews of My Work:

New Pages Review of “Meredith is Missing,” From New Haven Review: “Suzanne Richardson’s “Meredith is Missing” flashes with anxiety, toggling back and forth between present and past tense, following the missing M with memories and mention of mental instabilities until she’s finally found; but then it ends with a metaphor that throws you to the ground. Fantastic.”-Julie J. Nichols


Interview with PANK MAGAZINE

Books Edited:

Blue Mesa Review: Issue 25, Spring 2012

Blue Mesa Review: Issue 25, Online Spring 2012

Blue Mesa Review: Issue 24, Spring 2011

Blue Mesa Review: Issue 23, Spring 2010