Booth Poems
New poetry coming out at Booth next week
New Fiction coming soon at Southern Humanities Review
“What was left was a person who pretended not to know, who pretended her life was fine, left was a person who couldn’t admit her father and her boyfriend were very sick. Most of all this person couldn’t feel anything and yet felt everything. Her life was somehow simultaneously completely excruciating and completely pointless. Taking one breath concurrently a dagger, and a bore.”
“They seem to have selective hearing about matters that that are urgent to me. Then, when I make a mess, they point at it, furiously, how could I make such a mess? So eventually I stopped telling them I was in trouble.”
Full Text here: http://www.newhavenreview.com/index.php/print-editions/
Here’s the cover page for my piece in issue 10 of New Haven Review, “Meredith is Missing.” Full Text Here: http://www.newhavenreview.com/index.php/print-editions/